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Dent Ops™ translates your hail and retail Paintless Dent Repair estimates into CCC One® – an estimating language that insurance companies and body shops recognize and understand – and can also scrub your estimates to find every dollar you might have missed.
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PDR Estimates ► CCC ONE®

Submit your hail and retail PDR estimates to Dent Ops™ straight from your MTRX or DentMate app. Within a business day, Dent Ops™ can:


  • Translate your estimate into CCC One®
  • Scrub your estimate to add any missing repair, R&I, part #’s, or other miscellaneous operations
  • Find and document accurate “Comparative Prices” for off-matrix and conventional panels
  • Deliver the final estimate completely branded to your preference
  • Provide an importable copy of our CCC estimate to upload and edit in yours or a body shop’s CCC account
  • Provide OEM repair documentation to simplify insurance negotiations

🎁 2 free estimates when you sign up today       ✅ Pay-per-estimate (no subscription)       ⚡️ 1 biz day turnaround       🚗 Volume discounts      🙅‍♂️ CCC account optional (not required)       🚀 Submit estimates directly from MTRX or DentMate       ⭐️ Convenient online management portal       ⬇️ Import estimates into any CCC account       ✏️ Estimates branded the way you want       💸 Accurate comparative pricing and documentation       🔎 OEM procedures       ⏰ Save 30+ minutes per estimate       💬 Fast and friendly support (chat, call, text, email)

Trusted by over 250 hail, retail, and body shop PDR operations across the US

Did You Know?

Over 300 US insurance companies use CCC ONE®, including 19 of the top 20 US insurers

Over 28,000 US collision repair shops use CCC One® to write estimates

Dent Ops™ estimates increase insurance $ approvals by more than 25% on average compared to standard PDR estimates

Dent Ops™ estimates average 3-5 days faster insurance approval with less negotiation compared to standard PDR estimates

Testimonials from Dent Ops™ Partners

Dent Ops has completely changed the way we think about our estimating and repair process. Gone are the days of doing higher quality PDR for far less than conventional cost. Dent Ops has allowed us to spend less time estimating, processing estimates, and negotiating with insurance companies. All while making SIGNIFICANTLY more money per repair.

Fil and Quintin Knutzen

Dentless Hail Repair, Wisconsin (Hail, Retail, and Body Shop Accounts)

Dent Ops is a very valuable strategic service for Dent Shop. We have experienced faster approvals for more money all while making the negotiation with insurance companies easier and more efficient. Also, Dent Ops’ speed and quality of customer service makes it really easy to do business with them. If you manage insurance claims in your PDR business then Dent Ops should be a part of your normal routine.

Paul Kordon

Dent Shop, Virginia (Hail, Retail, and Body Shop Accounts)

Big props to Dent Ops! If you are battling an adjuster to get paid on your standard mtrx estimate give them a try! I had two cars from Geico. They were struggling to hit my numbers so I got with Dent Ops and had them translate my estimates into CCC which cam out higher than mine. I sent them over to Geico and my numbers were matched in 24hrs. This is an awesome resource to have!

Todd Dickerson

TAPS Paintless Dent Repair, Mobile (Hail, Retail, and Body Shop Accounts)

Pick your perfect plan – Switch any time from a convenient online portal

Pay per estimate – No subscription!

What Is Dent Ops™?
Who Is Dent Ops™ For?

Dent Ops™ exists to help level-up Paintless Dent Repair and Auto Hail Repair operations. We strive to assist Paintless Dent and Hail Repair Operations through best-in-class CCC services which provide higher-dollar repair estimates and supplements, and get faster insurance estimate and supplement approvals.

Who uses Dent Ops™?

Dent Ops™ helps Paintless Dent Repair and Auto Hail Repair companies fully leverage the power of CCC ONE® estimating software to create higher repair estimates and supplements and get faster insurance estimate and supplement approvals.

What can Dent Ops™ do for me?

Dent Ops™ can help you unlock more money from your estimates and get faster estimate approvals from insurance claims, by translating your estimates into CCC ONE® from your preferred estimating software and searching for any missing operations.

Ordinarily, you would need to learn to use CCC ONE® throughout the entire estimate and repair process for each vehicle that you work on. Now, Dent Ops™ has created a done-for-you service to handle it all, without the learning curve or countless admin hours.

How much does it cost, and what is your turnaround time?

Dent Ops™ currently offers two service tiers: Translations for $100/estimate, and Translation + Scrubs for $250/estimate.


With a Translation, Dent Ops™ will translate your MTRX or DentMate PDR estimate into CCC One® without adding any extra operations.

With a Translation + Scrub, Dent Ops™ will translate your MTRX or DentMate PDR estimate into CCC One®, and will also scrub your estimate to find every dollar you might have missed.


We guarantee estimate delivery within 1 business day for PDR estimates. Some extensive “body shop” estimates with more than 6 conventional panels may take up to 2 business days to complete given the complex nature of estimating conventional repairs. Regardless, Dent Ops™ guarantees that if you don’t love your results, we’ll make it right by fixing your estimate or will give your money back.

How much can Dent Ops™ increase my estimates, and how?

Dent Ops™ regularly increases Translation + Scrub estimates by over $1,000 compared to the original estimate, and improves the amount approved by insurance by over 25% on average.

In addition to being trained in Paintless Dent Repair and Auto Hail Damage Repair best practices, Dent Ops™ estimating specialists are also trained in conventional repair estimating methods. This enables our estimating specialists to write estimates from multiple repair perspectives, and include many estimate items that most estimators miss or don’t know how to estimate.

This is especially valuable for estimates on vehicles which have panels that go “off-matrix” but can still be fixed with PDR, since our Specialists can often write an estimate to reflect conventional repair prices on those panels (conventional repairs are typically more expensive than PDR).

How much can Dent Ops™ decrease insurance approval times, and how?

First off, it is important to understand that every situation is unique, and there are many factors that apply to estimate approvals that we can’t control. With that said, Dent Ops™ estimates are typically approved by insurance companies 3-5 days faster than other standard PDR estimates.

Dent Ops™ decreases insurance estimate approval times by bridging an information gap. Most PDR and Auto Hail Repair companies use a software like Mobile Tech RX or a similar estimating solution, while most insurance companies require their insurance adjusters to use CCC One®. When an adjuster who is using CCC One® receives a non-CCC One estimate, they must translate the non-CCC estimate into CCC. This “translation” process can be extremely time-consuming, and the adjuster is NOT incentivized to make sure they translate your estimate as accurately as possible (a lot of $$$ is lost in translation). On top of this, a hail catastrophe multiplies adjusters’ workloads, which increases the time it takes to review, translate, and approve estimates and supplements. By translating repair estimates into CCC One® ahead of time, Dent Ops™ provides an accurate, pre-translated estimate which insurance adjusters can immediately understand and act on – making your estimates the “easy work” that doesn’t get pushed to the back of their pile.