Additional Operations – Improve and Justify Your Estimates


Dent Ops has researched 130+ additional operations that are NOT INCLUDED in standard MTRX / CCC estimates.

How It Works

  1. Many of the operations in this resource derive from the Society of Collision Repair Specialists (SCRS) “Guide to Complete Repair Planning”, which can be found at this link.
  2. Each row corresponds with an Operation, which is listed in column 1. Each operation is also labeled with a Section in column 2.
  3. You can click on each row to see more information, including a description of the operation in plain language.
  4. You can search through the list manually, filter the list by “Section”, or search for specific operations using the search bar.
  5. Column 3 is the WPFW Approval %, which is based on the latest results from the annual “Who Pays for What?” survey conducted by Collision Advice and CRASH Network and can be found at this link. Through this survey, Collision Advice provides a rough % of how often certain items get approved by insurance companies. This Approval % should give you rough idea of how often you might get approved for a particular operation.
  6. Column 4 includes CCC DEG Inquiry result links, which is an official investigation conducted by the Database Enhancement Gateway (DEG) as to whether or not a particular operation is included in the standard labor times/costs presented within CCC One. More information about the DEG can be found at this link.
  7. Column 5 includes any applicable pages to the CCC MOTOR Guide, which is CCC One’s official procedure guide (sometimes called P-Pages). Similar to DEG Inquiries, the CCC MOTOR Guide states which operations are/are not included in CCC One’s time/labor calculations. *If an operation is not explicitly labeled as “Included” under the relevant section, then it is considered a “Not Included” operation. The MOTOR Guide to Estimating can by found at this link.
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