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Expedite Dent Ops Estimate Submissions to Insurance via ClaimDO

Looking for the fastest and easiest way to submit your Dent Ops estimates to insurance? Check out this video to learn how to submit your Dent Ops estimates to insurance via ClaimDO!

Recap – Expedite your Dent Ops Estimates Submissions to Insurance via ClaimDO

***Please review your estimate to make sure it is ready to submit with no additional changes needed before requesting a ClaimDO submission!!!***

  1. Find the request’s help/support link in the request’s email confirmation or in your Partner Portal (“Get Changes / Support”)
  2. On the webform, select the option for “I need ClaimDO to submit this estimate to insurance
  3. Add any additional notes you want to share with our team for this submission
  4. Make sure to click Submit when you’re finished!
  5. If you want to add files, click the Access / Add Files Here button at the top of the page.


If you run into any issues, you can also email our support team directly at Be sure to include a note about what you need and identifying information about the file you need help with!

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