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Updating Your Profile

Want to update your Dent Ops profile in your Partner Portal? Watch this short video to learn how!

Recap – Updating your Profile in your Partner Portal

Main Profile (business info)

  1. Access your Profile page at
    1. OR sign into your Partner Portal at
    2. Click the “Profile” page to access your Profile.
  2. Edit any information on your Profile, and click the. Make sure to select “Save Changes” when you are finished!

Sub-Profile (location/rates – this information is used to brand Dent Ops estimates!)

  1. Access your Sub-Profile page at
    1. OR on the Profile page, click “Sub-profile”.
  2. If you have more than one sub-profile on your account, select the very bottom sub-profile (it should match your business’ name)
  3. Edit any sub-profile information you wish to change. This may include the branding/delivery email, phone number, address, labor rates, and tax rates. **You can also select if you would like to recieve AWF files along with your estimate!**
  4. Make sure to click “Save changes” when you’re finished to lock in any updates!


If you encounter any issues, please reach out to our support team at

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