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Making Sure a Vehicle Won’t Total (Scrubs Only)

Want to make sure a vehicle won’t total? Check out this video to learn how!

Recap – Making Sure a Vehicle Won’t Total (Scrubs Only)


Not sure if Dent Ops’ estimate will total the vehicle? Most estimates at or below 60-65% of value WILL NOT total. Some states allow estimates up to 100% of value!

Want to guarantee the vehicle won’t total? Follow these steps:

  1. Contact the insurance company / adjuster.
  2. Tell insurance you are concerned about the vehicle totaling, but that the vehicle owner does not want the vehicle to total and that you are able to complete repairs.
  3. Ask what $ amount or % of value/threshold the estimate needs to stay below to avoid totaling the vehicle.
  4. (optional) guarantee that your estimate will not exceed that $ or % to make sure insurance will not total the vehicle.

Need Dent Ops to reduce your estimate? You MUST provide a target $ amount or % of value/threshold for Dent Ops to complete an estimate reduction.

Recap – Making Sure a Vehicle Won’t Total (Scrubs Only)

  1. Find the request’s help/support link in the request’s email confirmation or in your Partner Portal (“Get Changes / Support”)
  2. On the webform, select the option for “I need to make sure this vehicle won’t total
  3. If you need Dent Ops to reduce your estimate, select “Yes” at the bottom of the form
  4. Follow the prompts to set a target $ amount or % of vehicle value for Dent Ops to reduce the estimate to
  5. Add notes if desired
  6. Make sure to click Submit when you’re finished!
  7. If you want to add files, click the Access / Add Files Here button at the top of the page.


If you run into any issues, you can also email our support team directly at Be sure to include a note about what you need and identifying information about the file you need help with!

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