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What To Expect

What should you expect when using Dent Ops Translation services? Watch this short video to find out!

Recap – Request / Delivery Process

  1. Send your estimate from MTRX or Partner Portal
    1. You’ll get an automated email confirmation
  2. Dent Ops will Translate, Scrub, and Rebrand your estimate
  3. Dent Ops will deliver your file via email
    1. Account credits or payment method is charged upon delivery

You can access your request history, check the status of current files, and download estimates and receipts from your Partner Portal.

Dent Ops Estimates

Dent Ops compares repair methods to determine what insurance may consider to be the most “cost effective” repair method.

This helps give insurance adjusters the information they need to make faster approvals and speed up your claims negotiations.

Dent Ops Estimate Example

  • You submit an MTRX estimate with a door repair for $1,500.00
  • We compare your door repair estimate with the door’s Base Replacement Cost (BRC) in CCC…
    • BRC = $1,250.00
      • Part Price =$750.00
      • Body Hours = 7.5 @ $50.00/hr = $375.00
      • Paint Hours = 3.0 @ $50.00/hr = $150.00

Since the Base Replacement Cost ($1,275.00) is less than your original Repair Cost ($1,500.00), Dent Ops would write this panel for replacement with a short note describing why we estimated the door in this way.

After the non-included operations like blending and R&I are added later in the Translation process, your Dent Ops estimate may end up even higher than your original MTRX estimate!

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